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Tree Removal – London & Area

There are many reasons why we love our trees. It might be because of sentimental reasons, shade for your property, or just an old friend. There are situations, however, when you may need to consider tree removal. You have invested a lot of time and care into your property and the trees in your landscape should be no exception.

Tree felling and tree removal services:

Unfortunately there comes a time when all trees in the urban landscape need to be removed. Tree removal may be necessary when there is no further remediation available, nor is it advisable to keep the tree because it is no longer structurally safe or alive, as this can be a safety hazard. Our professionals will determine we can offer one of our other services, such as tree cabling and bracing, rather than our tree removal service.

Tree removal is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and you wouldn’t want to leave that task up to just anyone. Olympic Tree Care has a certified arborist on staff that has the knowledge and experience to make tree removal in London, Ontario a safe service. Tree felling in London is simple with the expertise of Olympic Tree Care.

When to call for tree removal service:
  • Tree damage from storms leaving a hazardous situation
  • Excessive deadwood or signs of decline in the tree(s)
  • Removal of an undesirable species, characteristics or location of the tree(s)
  • The tree is showing signs of splits, cracks, hollows, including bark, or weak crotches
  • Evidence of root or stem decay
  • Hazardous tree removal

Keep in mind that a good arborist will perform only industry-accepted practices.

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